Building a Dental Bridge

They are important in nature, in cities, and in your mouth! What are we talking about? We’re talking about bridges. They connect roads, cities, and now: teeth. Are you a candidate for dental bridges? What exactly is a dental bridge? In this article we are going to discuss this essential procedure to having a healthy mouth.

Why Get Dental Bridges?

In this case, bridges are important for connecting teeth, which is a great option for those patients that may be missing one or more teeth. With support on either side of the tooth by means of two crowns, a gap can bridged to facilitate the introduction of a new tooth where one may be missing. Specifically, this bridge consists of crowns on either side of the gap, along with the replacement tooth called a pontic.

It is imperative to have gaps filled for the betterment of your oral health, and in turn, your general overall health. Gaps can lead to a plethora of other problems in the mouth. Gaps allow for the remaining teeth in the mouth to shift, causing gaps, crooked teeth, and even jawbone misalignment. Furthermore, the cleaning of the teeth becomes harder to accomplish, leading to possible gum disease, tooth decay or even bacterial infections.

Types of Dental Bridges

You do have options when it comes to the type of dental bridge you could opt to have.

  1. Maryland Bonded Bridge – This type is adhered to the bridge for the strongest support possible, usually made of porcelain or metal.
  2. Traditional Bridge – On either side of the gap, a crown is prepared over the tooth with a crown cemented in the middle.

Of course, each patient should discuss with their dentist the best option for them and their teeth. If you want a healthier mouth, call Dr. Tutu at Sonrisa Dental today to make an appointment and get your dental bridge procedure as soon as possible!

Financing Dental Implants

Dental care may be the last place you want to invest in. However, if you have broken or missing teeth, you may not have an option. Permanently fixing your tooth/teeth will improve your overall health and boost your confidence. No more hiding your smile from the world. Sonrisa Dental Care in Houston, TX offers affordable dental implants for patients. Read on to learn the different costs of dental implant pricing.

Dental Implants at Sonrisa Dental Care

Obviously, dental implant pricing varies from office to office, but at Sonrisa Dental Care there is no hiding the price. After your assessment, we will show you the affordable price for your dental implants. Dental implants also vary patient to patient depending on each patient’s needs. Does this mean that higher costs = higher quality of care? Unfortunately, not all dentists and oral surgeons can be recommended or are good at what they do. This means everyone needs to do their research to determine which option and dental office are best for them. We urge you to read our many testimonies and see why Sonrisa Dental Care is the best option for you. We even have had patients travel to see us due to regional price differences.

The danger of bargain shopping is risking your well-being for a cheaper procedure, possibly done by an amateur. Give yourself the absolute best, because you deserve to feel confident in your smile! There are multiple versions of full dental implants. Our office offers full and mini implants.

Are you looking for dental implants in the Houston area? Sonrisa Dental Care provides the very best and affordable care. Talk to our dentist to see which type of dental implant is best for you. Book an evaluation today!