Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom Teeth in Houston, TX

Wisdom teeth are the final set of permanent teeth to emerge. This usually happens between the late teens to young adulthood; they are referred to as “wisdom teeth” because of this more mature age at which they come in.

Common Wisdom Teeth Complications

It’s normal to experience a little discomfort when they appear, and when they emerge correctly, they can aid in the chewing process. However, for many people, wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning they come in at an angle or only partially, or do not have enough room to stay, causing pain and thus requiring removal. Additionally, if you plan to undergo treatment for braces or other dental care, your Houston, TX dentist, Dr. Tutu, may recommend the removal of wisdom teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth that are left in the mouth can cause structural damage to the jaw as well as to other teeth. Additionally, because of the angle of their growth, they may be hard to reach and clean properly, providing a place for bacteria to grow.

When is it Time for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

X-rays can reveal whether or not you will need to have wisdom teeth removed. If you choose not to have them extracted, they will still require careful monitoring as it is still possible that problems may develop later on.

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