Can Replacing a Back Tooth Help You Avoid Future Dental Problems?

Many people will only consider replacing a missing a front tooth for cosmetic reasons and skip the cost of replacing a back tooth. If it is not visible, why bother replacing it? However, an investment in a back tooth replacement could actually help you avoid spending excess money on other issues in the future.

Reasons for Replacing Missing Back Teeth

There are many reasons besides cosmetic ones to replace a tooth. A back tooth that is missing and not replaced can lead to many other issues that can affect your overall dental health. The back teeth are responsible for taking the chewing force away from front teeth, so with the absence of a back tooth, more force and stress is moved to the front teeth. Your bite can also be altered since the neighboring teeth may begin to spread into the open space, causing the teeth to tip and rotate into an incorrect position. This can further lead to excessive wear, erosion, tooth mobility and may endanger the health and survival of the tooth in the future.

Tooth Replacement Options

To avoid all of these issues, an investment in a replacement is important. The most highly recommended option is a dental implant since it looks more life-like and is durable. The titanium post will also start adhering to the bone which can help prevent bone loss. For some, a bone graft may be necessary to help keep the implant in place.

Another popular option for tooth replacement is a bridge, which uses the neighboring teeth as anchors to keep an artificial tooth in place with anchoring crowns.

If you are unsure which option is right for you, the best option is to make a dental exam appointment so you can speak with your dentist about all the tooth replacement options available.

Children and Baby Teeth

Because your primary teeth (baby teeth) end up falling out to make room for permanent adult teeth as a child, many people may think to brush these first teeth off as unimportant. They fall out anyways, so there’s no point in visiting the dentist or practicing extremely diligent dental care at a young age, right? Wrong!

Importance of Baby Teeth

Contrary to popular belief, baby teeth are actually very important for your overall dental health as you age. They first begin to erupt through the gums around six months of age and serve as placeholders for future permanent teeth.

Maintaining Healthy Teeth

Even though the permanent teeth a few years later during childhood, how well your child can take care of their smile sets the foundation of how healthy their permanent teeth will be when they do finally erupt. Brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and visiting the dentist regularly are just some of the ways they can help maintain a healthy smile throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Children and Visiting the Dentist

If your child seems hesitant to see the dentist, talk about your own positive experiences with the dentist, and why it’s important to see them at least twice a year. Read books, participate in fun coloring activities together, and even bring them along with you to your next dentist visit to set positive expectations for their own visit.

Practicing healthy dental care habits early on essentially sets the foundation for a healthy smile for life, from your first baby teeth to your beautiful, complete smile in adulthood.