Tooth Extractions

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Tooth Extractions in Houston, TX

Impacted and severely infected teeth can lead to further dental problems if they aren’t removed. An impacted tooth usually does not come in properly, either at an angle or only partially. This can cause discomfort or even pain. Teeth with extensive decay can spread the infection to surrounding teeth and gums if not treated or removed in time. For these reasons, our Houston, TX dental office offers tooth extraction as a solution to prevent these dental issues from arising.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

If multiple extractions are needed, you will decide with your Houston, TX dentist, Dr. Tutu, whether they will happen one at a time or all at once. Depending on the number of extractions taking place, sedation will vary from a local anesthetic used to numb the affected area to a general anesthetic that will leave you sedated and comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Post-Dental Extraction Care

You will need to be driven home after the tooth extraction because of the anesthesia. Rest is important at this stage. Bleeding is normal, and gauze will be applied to the site of the extraction; it will need to be changed throughout the day.

You may be prescribed pain medication to take in case you become sore and uncomfortable. An ice pack may also help with pain and any swelling. Your Houston dentist may provide you with a cleaning solution to clean the site of the extraction.

If you feel that the site is not healing properly, or are suffering from prolonged pain, bleeding, irritation, or other forms of discomfort following your tooth extraction, please do not hesitate to call our Houston office