The Best Teeth Straightening Method for You

The Best Teeth Straightening Method for You

When it comes to straightening or aligning your teeth, there are many different options. Depending on your needs, some options may be more beneficial than others.

Traditional Metal Braces

These are the standard braces that are most often used for straightening teeth. They consist of metal brackets that attach to the teeth with wires connecting the teeth while moving them into the desired position. The largest downside of metal braces is their bulky metallic look, but for most people, it isn’t an issue. The short-term of dealing with the braces seems a fair exchange for straightening your teeth. They can also be highlighted with colored rubber bands to match outfits, highlight holidays and just have fun!

Ceramic Braces

Instead of the attention-grabbing metal, ceramic is used to create the brackets. While not invisible, they are much closer to the natural color of the teeth, making them blend better.

Clear Braces

Instead of brackets attached to the teeth, clear braces use aligner trays to move the teeth into their position. They are also removable, making eating a much easier and less messy task. As the aligners move the teeth into position, the tray is swapped out to continue the process until finally, the teeth are in their intended position.

Dental Bonding

While not a viable option for everyone that wants to straighten their teeth, dental bonding can help some people with small issues. For small gaps between teeth, braces can obviously help, but dental bonding is also a quick and easy way to cover the gap. Bonding can also work well for issues like asymmetrical teeth or misaligned teeth.

No matter what method works best for you, the most important thing is for you to get the smile of your dreams. We can’t wait to help you achieve that!

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